August 10, 2018 | Gunner Mitchell
The National Association of Realtors has been around for 110 years so it is safe to say being a Realtor has its values. Over the century thousands and thousands of people have trusted the sale of their home with a Realtor because frankly, they are worth it. Realtors are the professionals of selling your home and they have the expertise to get top dollar.

Now in life, everything has a price and a Realtor's expertise does as well. Is their price really worth it though?? The short answer is yes.  Realtors have been giving their clients tremendous value with their knowledge about the market year after year. Still,  there are Sellers who do not want to pay for their services and want to do the job of a Realtor themselves to try and save some money. Understandable that everyone wants to save money but let's go over the three big reasons why you want to use a Realtor.

1. You are going to get WAY MORE $$$. On Average For Sale By Owner homes, also known as FSBOs, sell their home for less than if they used a Realtor. How much less? "FSBOs earn an average of $60,000 to $90,000 less on the sale of their home than sellers who work with a real estate agent", says the National Association of Realtors.  In 2017 the median sales price of a Realtor sold home was $250,000 while the median sales price for a FSBO was $190,000.  When the seller knew the buyer in those FSBO transactions the sales price drops way down to $160,300.  

There are a number of reasons why this is true but the facts are the facts and if you try to sell your home yourself on average you are going to leave a lot of extra cheddar on the table; something nobody wants to do. So why do Seller's continue to make this mistake? They are too worried about paying for the service of a Realtor a.k.a. their commission. Now, let us use the median sales price of a Realtor sold home last year at $250,000. Commission percentages vary all over the place but a safe guess is 5-7%. We will go right in the middle; so 6% of that sales price is $15,000.  When you compare that with the $60,000-$90,000 you are potentially throwing into the wind by trying to sell it yourself we can see it does not make much sense. Remember, you get what you pay for.

2. You are going to have WAY LESS STRESS. Being a Realtor is a full-time job with lots of things to be up to date on in the ever-changing world that we are in. By using a Realtor you don't have to worry about marketing your home all over the web and throughout your town. Realtors know the best photographers to make your home pop, they have their spheres of influence and client list to market to instantly, and they know what buyers are wanting in the market. You most likely have your own career and passions that you are keeping up to date on so don't try to jump into the deep end of the pool of marketing and expect to finish in first place.

Realtors also are the ones that are the guardians of your home. We screen all the potential buyers who want to step foot in your home to make sure that only the serious qualified buyers are able to enter. Don't get stressed out with all the hundreds of calls about your home with many of them just being nosey neighbors and let the Realtor take care of them.

Finally, the biggest stressor of them all. The Negotiations .. Trying to get the best deal on your home is not always as simple as the dollar amounts on the contract. There are numerous other factors like seller paid closing costs, home warranty paid by the seller, what type of financing is the buyer getting, are there any contingencies with the offer, and more. The Realtor is going to be watching out for all of these and will be able to explain to you just how good of a deal that offer is and what the best way to counter back would be. Of course, Realtors are also going to have a broad knowledge of the market and will know what similar comps have sold for. Giving them the knowledge of what is an acceptable price to agree on. Having a teammate during the negotiations makes all the difference so find yourself a Realtor to have your back.

3. You are going to have WAY MORE TIME. Really this third reason is an effect of having the Realtor do everything from reason 2 and much more. With hiring a Realtor to deal with the marketing, showings, negotiations, inspections, and paperwork of your home you are freeing yourself up from doing all of these tasks. This means more time for you to have fun, hang out with your family, go on a vacation, or just sit back relax and maybe take a nap while the Realtor is making you more money on your home. Thumbs up for more naps am I right?!?!

In closing, the key to success is to have more money, less stress, and more time for yourself. So hire a Realtor like us to sell your home so you can get top dollar, with a big smile, all while taking a nap. Give us a call today.

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