August 28, 2018 | Gunner Mitchell
If you want to get top dollar when selling your home, you have to know these.

August 10, 2018 | Gunner Mitchell
Don't make the mistake of trying to do it yourself.

July 31, 2018 | Mary Roberts
Is Lake Havasu going to continue to suffer from low inventory? Should we be worried?

July 17, 2018 | Mary Roberts
It's a seller's market in Havasu. Low inventory and a lot of buyers is leading to many times having multiple offers on a property.

July 5, 2018 | Mary Roberts
Buying your first home is a big deal. Searching online is a great place to start, but buying a house is not like ordering a book online. Don’t let common myths you may have heard stand in the way of connecting with a helpful professional.


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